I'm New Here

Thinking about visiting us on a Sunday morning? Here is what you can expect:


We are a church full of people from all different places and backgrounds. Some of us dress up for church; some don't. Some of us grew up in church; some of us didn't. So no matter where you are from, what you have done, or who you are, you will be welcome!

Sunday School - 9:30 AM

Are you looking to go deeper in your understanding of God's Word? Join us as Pastor Gradon guides us in an in-depth look at God's Word. Teenage students, children and nursery age children all have their own classes as well!

Worship Service - 10:30 AM

Worship is at the heart of the Christian life. We were all made to worship God and every Sunday morning, we take time to worship and celebrate how great our God truly is. We usually sing a few songs, read aloud from the Bible and hear God speak to us through the preaching of His Word. Through preaching, Pastor Gradon shows us what the Bible means and how to apply what the Bible says to our lives.