Why Join a Church?

Throughout the New Testament, it talks about helping one another and serving one another. These "one anothers" are the church. Joining a local church is a commitment to carry out these biblical commands to serve and help one another.

What Does Church Membership entail?

  • Knowing and committing yourself to the mission of The Amazing Grace Baptist Church: To make disciples who make disciples!

  • Take seriously our Church Covenant.

  • Gather regularly for worship with the church and to urge yourself and fellow church members on in pursuing godliness in Christ.

  • Join a discipleship group for growth and encouragement in your walk with Christ.

  • Attend members' meetings and use your spiritual gifts to serve the church.

  • Give regularly towards the church and the furtherance of the church's mission.

How Do I Join?

Joining The Amazing Grace Baptist Church is a three-part process:

1. Membership Matters Class

All of those wanting to become members (or just wanting to find out more about our church) need to attend our Membership Matters class. These classes are usually held once a quarter by Pastor Gradon. In this class, held during the Sunday School hour, you will learn about the mission and vision of the church, our beliefs, our church covenant, and how you can serve. The next Membership Matters class will be held in August 2022.

2. Conversation

This conversation is an opportunity for you to ask questions about the church, share concerns, and to let us know more about you. You will also have the opportunity to share with us your testimony of how you came to know Christ as Lord and Savior.

3. Congregation

On a Sunday morning, each prospective member who has completed the Membership Matters class and has had a conversation with the church leadership will brought before the church. The church will then formally bring you into the membership of the church. During this time, the church and the new members will recommit themselves to the church covenant and to each other.